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Barbara Sher

Trustful exchange in private when it matters.


I believe in what is valuable in every person, the strength of vulnerability, the miracle of a new beginning. The combination of heart and mind. Together we see the possibilities instead of the limitations. We reveal what is really important and thus discover new ways.

The aim is to consciously shape your own life and thus become your own soul captain.

In systemic coaching we consider people in their environment. We look at professional issues without disregarding the private world. In coaching you are the expert for your life and I am the expert for the process. Together we set the goals of the coaching, but we always have room for what is “on top”.

Coaching is individual, targeted, intensive. A framework for
saying goodbye to old beliefs and discovering new horizons. Sort your thoughts and take courage, untangle knots and set new sails.

Our coaching takes place – depending on personal preference and place of residence – live via video conference, or personally on site with me, south of Hamburg. 

Coachingpaket “Auf zu neuen Ufern” – bewusstes Gestalten eines neuen Lebensabschnitts:

  1. Bestandsaufnahme (was war, was bringe ich mit, was gibt Kraft, was raubt Energie, wer ist Teil meines Netzwerks)
  2. Vision (was soll werden, wie finde ich das, wofür es sich jeden Tag lohnt aufzustehen, was ist meine Berufung)
  3. Erste Schritte (wie komme ich ab sofort meinem Ziel immer etwas näher)

Investition: 5 Sitzungen à 90 min. für 899,-*

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Perhaps it was a long time ago that you applied, or it may be the first ever. Or it is this one application that really matters this time. And somehow Google doesn’t really help when it comes to making that famous good first impression with an individual and coherent base.

As a HR manager with around 15 years of practical experience, including as Head of Talent Sourcing at Hapag-Lloyd in Hamburg, I have a lot of experience in looking for really suitable positions, creating tailor-made application documents and preparing for job interviews and selection processes. I know “the other side” and know what HR managers and managers value when it comes to documents and conversations. I would also be happy to give you tips on what to look out for when referring to your previous employer’s reference letter and thus help you to avoid possible pitfalls. 

Individual coaching for professional orientation or the creation of a well-founded personality profile can also round off the search for the perfect new position.

I look forward to accompanying you!
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There are many personality “tests” on the market. They promise simple answers to complex questions. But people cannot be pigeonholed in four colorful drawers. As a qualified business psychologist, I take a critical look at personality questionnaires: do they really measure what they claim to be measuring (i.e. are valid), measure this reliably (i.e. are reliable) and measure them regardless of who provides or evaluates the questionnaire (i.e. they are objective )? These so-called quality criteria can be clearly determined scientifically and quality differences between the processes can be identified quickly. What is also important in everyday life for coach and client when choosing a procedure is simple, attractive, quick feasibility for the user,

As a “Certified Personality Profiler Coach” I am happy to support individuals and teams with a professional and well-founded tool. The LINC Personality Profiler (LPP) is based on the scientifically leading model of personality psychology – the  Big Five model – and was developed at the LINC Institute, a spin-off from the University of Lüneburg.

With the LPP, you will receive a detailed report of the results in the attractive online tool after just 30 minutes’ processing time. This provides you with a highly differentiated profile of your individual character traits, motives that guide action and personal competencies. This profile offers us a multi-layered and meaningful basis for joint coaching, career advice or team development.

Offer: for an introductory price of only € 195, – * you get:

  • Preliminary talk (by phone, video conference or in person on site)
  • Online implementation of the LPP
  • 32-page result report
  • If necessary, additional in-depth report, including on the focus on leadership, resilience, start-ups, agility
  • 90-minute personal feedback meeting

If you opt for a coaching package immediately afterwards, you will receive 10 hours for the price of 8.

* All prices are exclusive of the currently applicable VAT.

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